Meet the owner

Amged Ghaly is the founder of Horus Jewelry. Specializing in selling gold jewelry with 30+ years experience in the gold industry. His expertise started when he was in Egypt and expanded his skills throughout the years when he moved to the U.S.

Why did he choose gold?

Growing up in Egypt, Amged was surrounded by the ancient pyramids and tombs that were adorned with the precious metal, and he dreamed of one day working with it himself. After finishing school, Amged began working as an accountant in a gold jewelry store in Sohag. He then got promoted to working in sales and his talent and dedication earned him a reputation as one of the best young jewelers in the city. He then opened his own gold shop where he was able to showcase unique designs and offered custom pieces to his customers. His dedication to quality earned him a loyal following, and his business began to grow.

Meet the Team

Amged's team includes his wife and three daughters who work together to sell, package, and send out orders to our valuable customers. Horus Jewelry thrives on a foundation of trust, integrity, and a deep appreciation for gold. Each member contributes their unique talents and knowledge to create an outstanding business. The team invites you to join them on a journey where dreams are turned into precious treasures, where each creation shines with brilliance and love.